Tuesday, October 28, 2008

KRM Volunteer Update

After our big rush of arrivals in September, things are finally settling down now. We have helped everyone to get their initial appointments, start English classes, and attend resettlement orientation. The next focus is finding jobs so please let me know of any employment opportunities available in Lexington.

On November 24 (the Monday before Thanksgiving), KRM will need volunteers to help deliver Thanksgiving baskets. We will be assigned a time to pick up the baskets from God's Pantry Warehouse in the morning and will spend the day distributing the baskets. We have 27 baskets to distribute to refugee families, but we will also need to spend time explaining how to cook the Thanksgiving items. If you are tutoring a family, it would be great if you could incorporate this into your lessons. If you are interested in participating, please email amanda.mullikin@gmail.com.

We are also going to be printing Christmas greeting cards this year as a fundraiser. If you give a donation to KRM, we will send you a designated amount of Christmas Cards. The cards cost about $2 to make so please make sure your donation is more than the cost of the cards you request. Spend your money wisely and support a good cause while also buying all your Christmas cards. If you are interested, please send me an email (amanda.mullikin@gmail.com).

I want to take time and say thank you to all our volunteers and all the work that you do. THANK YOU!

Amanda Mullikin
KRM Lexington
Adult Services Coord.

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