Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Beautiful Reunion

Losi Grodya has been separated from her daughters for the past six years. This week they will finally arrive in Lexington to be reunited with their mother and start a new life. You may remember Losi from an Lexington Herald-Leader article written in October. This article was written to raise awareness about Losi's situation.

Losi is a refugee from the Congo who now has American citzenship. Over six years ago in the Congo, Losi and her son went to the market to buy some food. While they were shopping, their village was attacked by rebels. Losi and her son had to flee thus separting Losi from her daughters who had stayed at home. After Losi arrived in Lexington, she was able to find out what happened to her daughters and to discover their location.

Losi applied for her children to join her in America, but for no explainable reason, the applications kept getting denied. Year after year, Losi kept waiting to see her children again. Finally that day is coming! We are so happy for Losi and her daughters to be reunited. Thank you to all the people who helped make this reunion possible!

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