Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

January is off to a busy start for KRM. We have a large group of new arrivals coming throughout the month (about 30 scheduled so far). It is a bit overwhelming to think about all of our 2010 clients when we have so many without jobs that arrived in 2009. Today I worked on a list of unemployed refugees and it was a long list. Most of these clients are ready and eager to work. They spend their days searching for an appropriate job match for their specific capabilities. We have professional clients with near fluent English (doctors, engineers, a veterinarian, computer tech, teachers, etc.) who need jobs, as well as clients with limited English looking for entry-level positions. There are also several clients who have specific skills (tailor, mason, mechanic, farmer, plumber, etc.).

They say that one of the best ways to find a job is by networking. So, KRM is asking for your help in finding jobs for our clients. If you know of anyone who is hiring, please let us know. If you read about a job in the newspaper or see a "For Hire" sign on a window, please call or email our office. We are interested in all ideas and thoughts about creative and traditional ways to help our clients find jobs and become self-sufficient. They are anxious to start working!

Call or email us about jobs at 226-5661 or krmlexington@gmail.com.

We also want to say thanks to all of the individuals, groups, churches and organizations that donated their time, money, and resources to help refugees in Lexington in 2009. With such a lack of jobs and high levels of unemployed refugees, there is an increased pressure on our office to help meet basic needs. Homelessness is a real threat for refugees and donations help refugees pay rent until they can become self-sufficient. Volunteers, Church Sponsors, and Community Supporters also help refugees meet clothing, educational, job preparation and housing needs. You truly make a difference in the lives of people who have seen extreme hardship. Thank you and we hope you will join us in 2010 to continue providing these necessary services to refugees in Lexington.