Friday, December 10, 2010

A Refugee Artist--Kiza Didier Mukandama

Today one of our refugee client's brought a book in with samples of his paintings. We didn't know what to expect, but we were amazed by his powerful paintings. He had beautiful images of African wildlife, people, and nature. Here are some of examples of his paintings and these weren't even my favorites. He is very talented and gifted. These are scans of pictures of his paintings. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to bring any of his work with him. The paintings are mainly oil paintings. We are hoping to connect him with some local organizations or artists that can help cultivate his talent.

Refugee Winter Care Campaign

KRM needs your help to meets its Winter Care Campaign fundraising goals. This year the Lexington office resettled 287 refugees, our busiest year yet! As our refugee arrival numbers continue to rise, so does the financial need. Please help us reach our campaign goal by spreading the word. By visiting this site you can make donations or post information about the campaign on facebook, twitter, or linked-in. For non-facebook users, you can spread the word by email. Please check out information about the Refugee Winter Care Campaign at We appreciate your support!

PS. If anyone donates to the campaign, please add Lexington beside your last name to help us separate the donations from the Louisville fund. Thanks!