Thursday, September 23, 2010

World of Work--WOW!

Kentucky Refugee Ministries has started new employment classes for refugee clients called World of Work or WOW classes. This an exciting new opportunity for refugees who are so eager to start working. The classes have been meeting for 2 weeks now and clients are learning how to search for jobs and fill out job applications. Future classes will include interview skills, job vocabulary, job retention skills, phone conversation skills, and much, much more!

WOW classes are very interactive and include skits, job modeling, role-playing and job readiness tasks. Each week refugee clients are asked to complete homework assignments and employment tasks. These tasks help clients learn skills and build confidence. In addition to WOW classes, KRM is now offering time in the onsite computer lab to help clients with employment classes.

Our goal is to better equip and prepare refugee clients to find and retain jobs. In this competitve job market, we aim to give them all possible tools and skills to help them succeed.

To organize and provide these classes, KRM needs volunteers to help refugee clients learn these job skills. Our goal is to have one volunteer for every three to five refugee clients per class. This would allow our classes to be interactive and tailored to clients' individual levels. Tasks would include helping clients complete job applications, helping them practice English, and participating in role playing activities. The WOW classes meet on Friday mornings from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm at the KRM office. There is also a need for volunteers to be available during the computer lab hours on Tuesday from 1:30-3:30 pm to help clients with resumes, applications and job searching. Please contact Dabney at for more information.

It is very rewarding to help a refugee client through the employment process and watch them secure their first job and reach self-sufficiency. Please come and join us in this process!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

We're Hiring!!!

Kentucky Refugee Ministries is hiring a part time Special Medical Caseworker

15-20 hours a week
M-F 4 hours a day (flexible depending on availability/appointments)

Volunteer coordination for appointments during unavailable hours
All special medical appointments- taking or coordination of volunteers
SSI disability applications and appointments
Help with other medical appointments as needed
Case notes
Communicate with caseworkers about medical situation
Interpersonal and in office communication
Coordination of interpreters

If interested please contact Barbara Kleine at